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How It Works

The team here at Pinchlist Corp. wanted to create an easy-to-use site that provides a service to the building supply industry and assists the construction-DIY community with finding quality products at wholesale prices.

The result is a unique site where you can shop for quality building supplies from the convenience of your home, laptop or smartphone/pad/tablet. We developed an online catalog that enables you to shop for all your construction and home maintenance needs at your convenience.
We invite you to sit back, relax, shop, and enjoy not just the products but all the other aspects of our industry-changing site and don't forget to get PINCHED!


- This site allows retailers-distributors-manufacturers to all list products together

- This site allows consumers to shop and buy from places where they usually would not have been able to shop.

- This site keeps shipping costs to the bare minimum by allowing product purchased through distributors and manufacturers to be delivered to the closest PL partnered retailer on their usual/standard routes.

The Process:

1:     Search for the desired product by category or your zip code.

2:     After you find the desired product, purchase online and print your receipt.

3:     Take the receipt to the designated pick up location, or contact that location for details on delivery options.

What You Need To Do:

When products are purchased, especially through distributor or manufacturer, it may take a few days to get to the final location; when the product is ready for pick up or delivery you will be notified immediately. This may happen with retailer listings as well, but will hopefully, and should be noted under the product listing/info.